Bali Holiday Cardio HIIT Workout

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a workout mode which involves alternating between short bouts of highly intense vigorous exercise activity with periods of a low to moderate intensity exercise activity. The whole workout can be as short as 5mins to 20 minutes long.

The suggested benefits of this style of training are:

  • You will expend the same amount of energy exercising at a high intensity for a short period of time compared with low intensity endurance activities
  • It's a time efficient way of committing to exercise for those who have a hectic schedule juggling the work/life balance
  • Your overall fitness and VO2 Max (a measurement of how much oxygen your body can consume during exercise) will improve
  • Your anaerobic (without O2) and aerobic (with O2) fitness will improve as you condition your body to use both energy systems
  • The energy we expend during physical activity is the only form of energy our bodies control which influences our BMR (basal metabolic rate). With HIIT this will promote your body to increase it's BMR and burn more calories!

This is my Bali holiday cardio HIIT workout which has 13 intervals and is 11 mins and 10secs long!  For a real sweaty challenge, complete 2-3 rounds or record your reps and aim to increase this number for each high intensity exercise in your next session. Set your interval timer for 40secs of HIGH intensity work with 1min of LOW to MODERATE intensity work.

Take 10 seconds to prep, get ready, sweat!

  1. High knees skipping
  2. Burpees with pushup
  3. High knees skipping
  4. Switch Jump lunges
  5. High knees skipping
  6. Step Ups LHS with propulsion
  7. High knees skipping
  8. Step Ups RHS with propulsion
  9. High knees skipping
  10. Star Jumps
  11. High knees skipping
  12. Pencil Squats
  13. High knees skipping



  • Warm up with dynamic stretches or light cardio to prep your muscles and joints for the work ahead
  • Adopt correct exercise principles and technique
  • Progressively overload
  • Do static stretches at the end








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