Personal Training


Personal Training

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I’ll work with you to keep you motivated, guide you on all aspects of fitness, health and nutrition, and help ensure you achieve your goals.

Your body’s optimal health is essential to good living. When you make a decision to change yourself, you will prolong your quality of life and ability to function as your ‘best self’ both mentally and physically. You will gain the benefits of improved physical fitness, weight loss, improved stamina, increased strength and feel more energised.

If your needs require one on one attention and focus or you  just prefer 100% attention, then personal training will suit you. One on one training involves more communication and attention which is completely focused on your individual goals, your intentions, your habits and your challenges.  I'll teach you very specific exercise progressions as well as guide and give you strategies on how to make positive lifestyle changes and create healthy habits. We  also focus more attentively on technique and learning more efficient ways to work out.

If you’re at the end of a Physio treatment following an injury or surgery such as a knee, shoulder, hip replacement or re-construction, pre/post natal or have experienced any form of injury or trauma requiring specific rehab exercise,  I recommend one on one training. For your safety, you will also be required to provide a medical clearance.

As a 1:1 client, I will also provide you with ongoing nutrition advice, meal plans, snack ideas and recipes. Daily strategies to help you improve your overall nutrition and healthy habits. Tips and ideas that will suit you and your whole family.

If suitable, we will use a food diary to record your meals and  track your diet. This allows us to create a history of eating behaviour and triggers for certain food choices. We will also discuss and plan your weekly fitness routine including home workouts, stretching routines and daily or weekly nutrition tasks.

PT Express

PT Express Sessions are quick sessions designed to suit those not quite able to fit in a full hour. Good if you're time-poor or want to squeeze in a solid workout during your lunch break, or on the way to or from work.

It's about making sure your exercise gets done despite the excuses. Get your body and mind moving and get yourself home or back to work feeling recharged and stress free.

Pilates, Core & General Health

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Your core is your foundation and whatever fitness level you're at, a stable foundation will progress you forward. It's about understanding how your body functions inside and out. My focus is on teaching you to understand your core, and perfect your technique. Good form gets great results. You'll achieve core stability, core control, and overall improved core strength.

Functional training mimics bio-mechanical movements we apply to everyday life. You'll have fun with medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX suspension training, kettlebells, dumbbells, power bags, sandbags, fit ball, & BOSU...

All the training sessions I teach have a strong focus on learning, understanding and perfecting good core stability, core control and core strength while focusing on technique and good form to get the best results from the exercise. Your core is your foundation and whatever fitness level you’re at, a stable foundation will progress you forward. It’s about understanding how your body functions with movement  inside and out! Good form gets great results…

My training methodology includes:

  • types of functional resistance training which is performing strength exercises that mimic bio-mechanical movements we apply to everyday life. Using body weight, medicine balls, resistance bands, kettle bells, dumbbells, power bags, sand bags, the TRX suspension training, fit ball & the BOSU ball
  • improving your cardiovascular fitness (aerobic training) with running, skipping, boxing and body weight circuits such as using stairs, hills and park benches
  • improving your muscular endurance and lactate threshold (anaerobic training) with repetitions and timed intervals
  • improving your posture, balance, core stability and strength by teaching you how to train your core muscles
  • improving your flexibility with stretching exercises to achieve maximum range, optimal technique and healthy joints

I also look at your nutritional habits and suggest meal plans, snack ideas and tips on how to improve or change your eating habits. Good food should not be boring! Clean eating is not about being on a ‘diet’.

Private Health Insurance rebate may be available depending on your level of cover. The following Private Health Funds currently offer rebates for fitness services: NIB Health Funds, CBHS, St Lukes Health, Australian Health Management (AHM), Westfund, Health Partners, or contact your Insurance Provider for details.

Training sessions indoors and outdoors are covered by Public Liability/Professional Indemnity Insurance with Guild Insurance Australia Group Training.

Gift vouchers available on request. Please call to discuss the type of fitness package you would like to give to someone.

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