Group & Buddy Training

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Group Training

Group training is an affordable way to participate in multiple sessions weekly and maintain it as a long term commitment, and being part of a an active social group often strikes up new friendships and occasional healthy competitiveness which is a great for motivation. 

You could train in a small group with people you know like work mates, mums group, dads group, a guy’s only or ladies only group, siblings group or join one of my existing groups. While similar fitness levels within a group is desirable it's not a must as progressions and regressions of every exercise are modified to suit the group.

Group size is usually between 4 and 12. This way, the sessions are still small enough to get the full value and attention of personal training.

I'm also always on the lookout for new park locations, so if you're interested in an outdoor group in your area, let me know via email.

It's like having your very own support group to create goals with as your fitness, confidence and lifestyles improve.  Support each other and share your success. 

Buddy Training

Personal training that allows you to share the experience with a mate. This is great for couples or you can work with a friend. Depending on your goals, fitness levels and ability, the sessions will still be tailored to match your individual needs while participating in fun programs together. 

The beauty of budding up with a partner is supporting each other. You motivate each other and occasionally display some signs of healthy competitiveness. The ultimate goal is to help each other achieve their goals by motivating and encouraging each other to be consistent and do better. It’s also a fun way to exercise as you can do partner activities, relays and games.




Private Health Insurance rebate may be available depending on your level of cover. The following Private Health Funds currently offer rebates for fitness services: NIB Health Funds, CBHS, St Lukes Health, Australian Health Management (AHM), Westfund, Health Partners, or contact your Insurance Provider for details.

Training sessions indoors and outdoors are covered by Public Liability/Professional Indemnity Insurance with Guild Insurance Australia Group Training.

Gift vouchers available on request. Please call to discuss the type of fitness package you would like to give to someone.

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