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You may not be sure if Personal Training is something you’ll enjoy, and you may not be sure who is the right trainer for you. No problem...

I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and have the knowledge, passion, methods and practical experience you need. You’ll benefit from my broad experience and success training new mums back to full fitness, elite athletes to the peak of their performance, seniors to get healthy and mobile, individuals through their prescribed rehabilitation, and hundreds of clients who just wanted to improve a little and feel good about themselves.

To make it easier for you to try out personal training I’m offering a Training Triple Pack for just $79.

You'll get:

  • 1x Initial Personal Training Session. You’ll benefit from a full assessment and move straight into a personal training session. I’ll create a programme for you and get you started. It’ll be fun.
  • 1x Second Personal Training Session. Let’s keep going! Experience a planned, structured and motivating workout with my guidance. We’ll refine your technique, set some goals and extend your programme so you can continue in your own time.
  • 1x Group Training Session. Keep the motivation up and practice your technique in a dynamic group session. Groups are small so you still get attention and personal guidance. No paddock full of people here, just small groups of people getting healthy.

Call Karen on 0430 487 978 and ask for the Training Triple Pack.

Email: active.pulsept@gmail.com


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