Staying Fit in Winter

Well, haven’t we been super spoilt with such a warm month of May?  Even so, winter is fast approaching and we’re all familiar with how icy it can get in Melbourne. This can sometimes affect our motivation levels as it gets dark earlier and we give in to feeling tired but to stay in shape and stay healthy, it’s vital to stick to your fitness regime and not put it off till tomorrow.  Working out during winter will help keep your immune system fighting fit making you more resilient to catching annoying colds and viruses, keep your mood lifted on those dreary grey days and enjoying just a little more of those hearty tummy warming winter meals without the looming guilt of potential ‘winter weight’.

Here are some survival tips for working out in Winter:

  • Outdoor training – rug up with layers and keep your joints warm.  Lightweight thermals, winter thermal compression tights and tops, instant hand warmers (great for pockets), good quality socks, a neck warmer which doubles up as ear muffs and wear a beanie
  • Train at home – no need for loads of equipment or space.  Try a circuit of basic whole body exercises, set a timer to 1min per exercise and complete as many reps as possible.  Dig out a workout DVD or do one of the many online workout videos
  • Keep your fluid levels up – it’s too easy to think you’re not thirsty when it’s cold but your body still needs to be adequately hydrated
  • Not interested in joining a gym? Feel limited with cardio options? Get a skipping rope, rent a treadmill or bike or just rug up and go for a walk or run
  • Don’t ponder – the more you think about about the reasons you can’t work out, “too cold”, “too wet”, “too dark”…the quicker you will talk yourself out of doing it and the days will just escape. Don’t make excuses, just do it.
  • Nutrition – boost your immune system with foods rich in zinc and vitamin C, green leafy veggies, berries, kiwi & citrus fruits and also get in lots of honey (natural anti-bacterial properties) and ginger (natural anti-inflammatory properties)

Follow these guidelines so that by the time Spring arrives, you’ll be gearing to show off your fit bod rather than go into a panic as we approach Summer.

All the best!

Karen 😉

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