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PlyoMania Workout

Plyometrics or jump training is a fun alternative to the routine strength-training or standard cardio workout. 'Plyos' are compound, dynamic exercises we did as kids - skipping, hopping and jumping in and out of puddles. These explosive exercises force your muscles to exert maximum force in a short period of time and will improve your agility, power, strength, speed and co-ordination.

Try this one!

  1. 20 Tuck jumps
  2. 10 Single Leg Backward Burpees - LHS
  3. 10 Single Leg Backward Burpees - RHS
  4. 20 Spinning Squats Jumps
  5. 20 Pencil Power Squats
  6. 20 Sit Throughs
  7. 20 Explosive Star Jumps
  8. 20 Jump Lunges
  9. 20 Box Jumps


  • Keep the exercises simple
  • Keep your core muscles engaged
  • Land in a soft and controlled manner
  • Avoid jumping on hard surfaces by jumping on grass, carpet or a mat

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