Karen's commitment to good health and technique is a winning combination. When I decided to start looking after myself properly, Karen helped me kick-start my healthy lifestyle, not only providing excellent, challenging physical training sessions but also offering invaluable advice and support in all aspects of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Every week she keeps you motivated and inspired to keep going and ultimately create a happier, healthier you. I'm extremely grateful to her for all the support and knowledge she has given me over the years.

Lauren 2011

Before I started training with Karen, I struggled to achieve my fitness goals - diets would last few weeks, I would get tired of new fitness fads after a few attempts and I found I wasn't getting anywhere.

Karen helped me set and achieve my goals of competing in Tough Mudder, running a half marathon and getting more muscle tone through a structured program that was easy to follow. Her approach is hands-on and training, while tough at times, is always something I look forward to.

I can't recommend Karen highly enough!

James 2012

I've been working out with Karen for almost a year and I'm so glad I found her - she's focused, attentive, great fun and seems to have a gift for knowing just how hard to push. I've never enjoyed exercise as much as in this past year. First because she gets great results and second because her sessions are always well-prepared and varied.

When I first got in touch with Karen I described myself as '39, desk job, overweight, no energy'. Now I would say '40, best shape of my life.' With her training, I sleep like a log, have energy during the day and know that I can run 10k whenever. That's a great feeling!

Matt Mulligan December 2012

I have always been conscious of maintaining fitness, flexibility and weight control through physical activity, however through self-management the motivation and remaining injury free is a challenge. I have now been training with Karen for over two years and have achieved every goal set.

Karen keeps me motivated and injury free in an environment that is always varied and challenging but most importantly, enjoyable.

I recommend Karen to anyone looking to improve their fitness and general well-being.

Andrew 2014

I began training with Karen approximately 18 months ago as I had suffered from chronic back pain for several years. Karen was fantastic in altering exercises to cater for my bad back and checking my technique, whilst also focusing on rehabilitation exercises to strengthen my core and back muscles. After 6 months or so of training, chronic back pain was no longer an issue and I can now engage in tasks that i had avoided for years!

Karen's vibrant and positive personality makes the sessions loads of fun and i can't recommend her highly enough.

Jen 2014

Before I met Karen my longest commitment to any gym membership or personal trainer was on average, 3 sessions. I have worked with Karen continuously for almost 3 years now & she has made such a positive change to my overall fitness & health in that time. Karen has a style & approach that gets the best out of you, no matter what stage of fitness & motivation you are at. There is an intuition about her that makes her very good at what she does & subsequently gets the best out of you – in your sessions, in addition to making fitness a commitment & part of daily life.

Edina 2014

Training with Karen has been a pleasure. She makes exercise fun. Most of all, she has helped me incorporate exercise and healthy eating into my lifestyle. Thus allowing me to achieve and maintain long term, sustainable health and fitness goals.

Angie 2014

I was personal training with Karen for about two years in Sydney before she unfortunately (for me) relocated to Melbourne. Karen always listened extensively to what my goals were and had great suggestions which made you extend yourself in any training session. She always put a great deal of thought and effort in, especially if you had a problem in a certain area. I always enjoyed my training sessions with Karen, who although trains you very hard, can always make you enjoy an extremely hard session.

My flexibility, strength and well-being have greatly improved, which I am maintaining with Karen’s help - she can't escape her Sydney clients. Karen as a Personal Trainer gets full marks from me and she is greatly missed.

Stephanie O’Connor

I thought I was reasonably fit but training with Karen has really given me that extra level. Karen has shown me how to train harder and more safely. She has shown me how to eat better and she knows how to get results whilst making each session varied and fun.

Jeff Tucker

Over the last two years I have worked with Karen and watched my body change completely, as well as my attitude towards it. I am now fitter and healthier in my mid 30's than I have been for over 10 years. Most importantly, I am now keenly aware of how my body works which gives me a much needed confidence in my future health.

Carisse O’Brien


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