Achieve a balanced lifestyle, a positive self-image, and feel healthy.

Outdoors, mobile to you, or at the gym. Group training, personal fitness training, cardio, strength, Pilates, kids personal training. Have fun while getting healthy.

Personal Fitness Training

I’ll work with you to keep you motivated, guide you on all aspects of fitness, health and nutrition, and help ensure you achieve your goals.

Your body’s optimal health is essential to good living. When you make a decision to change yourself, you will prolong your quality of life and ability to function as your ‘best self’ both mentally and physically. You will gain the benefits of improved physical fitness, weight loss, improved stamina, increased strength and feel more energised.

Make an appointment today to receive a complimentary health and fitness consultation...

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Group & Buddy Sessions

GROUP: Train in a small group with people you know, or make new friends by joining one of my existing groups. You can form a group of mums, 'the guys', or a make it a girls only session. Working out with a group is a great way to keep the motivation high as you support each other and share your success.

BUDDY: Training with a buddy means you can share the experience. Great for couples or you can work with a friend. The sessions will still be tailored to match your individual needs (goals, fitness levels and ability) and you'll also get to do lots of fun programs together...

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Pilates, Core & General Health

Your core is your foundation and whatever fitness level you're at, a stable foundation will progress you forward. It's about understanding how your body functions inside and out. My focus is on teaching you to understand your core, and perfect your technique. Good form gets great results. You'll achieve core stability, core control, and overall improved core strength.

Functional training mimics bio-mechanical movements we apply to everyday life. You'll have fun with medicine balls, resistance bands, TRX suspension training, kettlebells, dumbbells, power bags, sandbags, fit ball, & BOSU...

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About Active Pulse

I’ve always had a passion for fitness, and have been active in the industry for 13+ years. Being healthy gives me confidence and empowers me to have a positive outlook on life, particularly during those challenging moments. I love the way exercise makes me feel and strongly believe in the benefits it has for both body and mind.

I feel rewarded knowing my ‘job’ is to encourage, teach and support people to create their best self. This is what moves me and motivates me to keep doing what I do. I get a buzz knowing my clients feel amazing as a result of their workouts.

My approach to training involves teaching a combination of styles because our bodies and minds need constant stimulation and variety to stay motivated and achieve all round fitness. I apply, and you’ll learn different types of cardio, strength and conditioning exercises which will challenge your body and drive change. Change will become habit, and variety, consistency and intensity will transform you.


  • 15 years of experience.
  • Level Three Exercise Professional (Fitness Australia).
  • Cert III & IV Personal Trainer (Harpers Personal Training and Hi-Energy Network)
  • Children's Trainer
  • Children's Fitness & Nutrition
  • Australian Institute of Kettlebells Trainer (AIK 1 & 2).
  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Sports Nutrition & Rehab
  • Pilates Mat, and Pilates Fitball
  • Senior First Aid Level & CPR
  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

Super Saturdays in Progress

Super Saturdays.

Super workouts every Saturday.

Come join in. 

Approx 10 people in the group and you're welcome to join too.

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Group Training Sessions

Group Training in Winter is the way to keep the motivation up. Get in for Super Saturdays, or call 0430487978 to make a time that works for you.

2016 Super Saturdays

Feel good and have loads of fun with this whole body Bootcamp workout.

Super Saturday sessions in progress at Anderson Park Hawthorn East. Call me on 0430487978 to arrange a FREE trial. Join the group, have fun and feel great. Got your own group of mates? Mid morning 'Mums and Kids' sessions available weekdays. Some early morning spots available for 'Dads and mates'.